At Tenerco, sustainability is at the very core of our strategy and operations.
It starts with us

Forging a Sustainable Future: Pioneering Alternative Energy Solutions with Tenerco

We understand that the path to a sustainable future runs through responsible and forward-thinking energy practices, which is why we are deeply committed to promoting and implementing alternative energy solutions.

Our vision for sustainability is multi-faceted, encompassing the environmental, social, and economic dimensions that collectively contribute to a sustainable future.

We acknowledge the crucial role of economic viability in driving sustainability efforts. Our approach aims to create a sustainable business model that supports the transition towards alternative energy sources. By investing in the development and trade of renewable energies and alternative fuels, we contribute to the creation of a resilient and future-proof energy sector.

At Tenerco, sustainability is at the forefront of our operations. Our continued commitment to alternative energy solutions and sustainable practices reflects our dedication to shaping a greener and more sustainable future. We are excited to continue this journey, exploring innovative solutions and partnerships to further bolster our contribution to global sustainability efforts.

Embracing Ecological Responsibility

Our strategy for ecological responsibility revolves around diminishing carbon emissions and lessening the environmental impact associated with energy generation. We are committed to investing in and advocating for a broad spectrum of renewable energy alternatives, such as wind, solar, hydrogen, and bioenergy. These initiatives not only aid in the transition to a more sustainable energy network, but they also address climate change by decreasing dependence on fossil fuels.


Closing the Loop: Tenerco's Waste Management Innovations Driving Circular Economy Solutions

Furthermore, our robust waste management programs and biowaste initiatives highlight our dedication to the principles of the circular economy. We focus on the conversion of waste into energy and other useful commodities, thereby preventing unnecessary landfill accumulation and concurrently cutting back on carbon emissions.

We build only quality things

Commitment to Responsible Procurement

We hold a strong conviction in the significance of responsible procurement as a step towards fostering a fairer and more sustainable global environment. Our selection of suppliers and associates hinges on their dedication to upholding just labor practices, human rights, and ecological norms. We collaborate extensively with such principled suppliers, which enables us to guarantee that our goods and services originate from ethically maintained conditions, with no exploitation of the workforce or detrimental effects on local communities.

Fair Labour Practices
Human Rights
Ecological Standards