At Tenerco, our mineral trading operations span across key commodities that power and shape our world. We engage in the sourcing, trading, and distribution of a diverse array of minerals, with a primary focus on iron, coal, and diamonds.


Why choose Tenerco as your iron ore supplier?

Iron – The Building Block of Modern Infrastructure
Our comprehensive involvement in the iron trade underpins the demands of industries worldwide. From construction to automobile manufacturing, the iron we provide plays an essential role in reinforcing the world’s infrastructures and technologies.


Coal – Powering Industrial Progress
Coal remains a crucial commodity for energy generation and industrial processes. We strive to maintain consistent supplies of coal, ensuring reliable, cost-effective solutions for energy companies and heavy industries globally. Our commitment to responsible sourcing reflects our dedication to sustainable business practices.


Diamonds – Adding Sparkle to the Luxury Market
In the realm of luxury goods, we deal in the trade of high-quality diamonds. Catering to the exquisite demands of the jewelry industry, our diamonds are meticulously selected, ensuring they meet the highest standards of clarity, cut, and carat. At Tenerco, we connect the world’s most prestigious jewelers with these precious gems, reflecting our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.


At Tenerco, our deep understanding of the complex mineral markets allows us to deliver competitive prices, consistent supplies, and tailored solutions to our diverse clientele. Our strategic global network ensures we provide superior service, bridging suppliers and consumers with efficiency and integrity.

Coal – Enriching the World with Essential Resources

At Tenerco, we understand the significant role coal plays in the global energy landscape. Despite the shifting focus towards renewable sources, coal remains an integral part of energy generation, especially in developing regions. Our strategic coal trading operations provide a steady supply to power stations, industrial plants, and other major consumers worldwide. With rigorous quality control measures, we ensure our coal meets the highest standards for heat content and purity. At Tenerco, we are committed to responsibly supplying this vital resource while supporting the global transition towards a more sustainable energy future.




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