Alternative Energy

At Tenerco, we believe that energy’s future lies in sustainable, renewable sources. 

Energy Solutions

Alternative Energy: A Growing Focus

Recognizing the finite nature of traditional energy resources like oil, Tenerco is actively investing in alternative and renewable energy sources. We see the potential of these emerging sectors not only as a business opportunity, but as a necessity for a sustainable future. Our focus encompasses a broad spectrum of alternative fuels, including hydrogen, Solid Recovered Fuels (SRF), Tire Derived Fuels (TDF), and Residue Derived Fuels (RDF), of course along with renewable energy sources such as solar and wind.

Our efforts aim to fortify our standing in the sustainable energy sector while working towards an oil-independent future. We have already established a strong foothold in the renewable energy industry and are working permanently on improvement and innovation.

Pioneering the Development of Alternative Energy

We are deeply committed to leading the way towards green revolution, pioneering the development and implementation of alternative energy projects and solid waste management worldwide.

Energy Solutions

Sustainable Waste Management

At Tenerco, we are not only focusing on renewable energy sources but also the potential in what others might see as waste per se. We understand that sustainable waste management is a crucial aspect of environmental responsibility and resource conservation.

Working alongside cities globally, we aim to develop and implement innovative solid waste management projects. Our existing blueprint for sustainable and innovative waste management, forms the foundation for all projects. However, each country, city and municipality require an individually adapted solution that is considered during the planning process.

Our primary goal is to increase recycling rates to more than 50%, transforming waste into valuable, marketable commodities that can be reinstated in the cycle. Through these initiatives, we contribute to a more sustainable urban environment while creating a viable and resource-efficient economy.




Alternative Fuels