We also offer agricultural commodities such as grain, sugar, tea, oilseeds and cotton to meet the needs of our customers in this sector.

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Pioneering Agriculture

At Tenerco, we have broadened our portfolio to include agricultural commodities, recognizing their pivotal role in sustaining global food security. With a comprehensive understanding of the agri-commodities market, we source, trade, and deliver a variety of high-quality agricultural products across the globe.

Our agriculture commodity trading involves a diverse selection of products, but we place special emphasis on staples such as wheat and corn. These grains, crucial for global food supply, are sourced from premium growers and are made available to our customers around the world, maintaining a consistent supply chain that can weather market fluctuations.

Tea, one of the most widely consumed beverages globally, is another significant part of our agricultural offerings. We are connected with the prime tea-producing regions, ensuring our customers receive a diverse selection of high-quality teas, catering to varied tastes and preferences.

Through strategic partnerships and sustainable farming practices, we’re committed to delivering value to our customers and contributing positively to the agricultural sector. Whether you’re in the bakery industry requiring the finest wheat, a beverage company in need of quality tea, or an animal feed manufacturer seeking bulk corn, Tenerco is your reliable partner for agricultural commodities.

The Fabric of Global Trade

Cotton, the staple for global textile production, is another crucial agricultural commodity within Tenerco’s portfolio. We source and trade high-quality cotton from established, sustainable growers around the world. Our commitment is not just to offer cotton as a product, but to ensure its journey from the farm to the fabric is managed ethically and efficiently. Tenerco’s strength lies in maintaining consistent cotton supply chains that cater to diverse market needs, supporting industries from clothing to home furnishings with premium raw materials.


Exclusive source for the finest quality Kenyan tea

Uniquely positioned, we have forged direct relationships with esteemed Kenyan tea estates, allowing us to bypass the traditional auction system altogether. This privileged connection, based on trust and transparency, guarantees our ability to source our teas directly from the bountiful and fertile lands of Kenya, recognized for their perfect tea-growing climate.

We are proud to offer a wide range of high-quality teas, including loose leaf and packaged blends, at competitive prices. Our tea is sourced directly from Kenyan tea estates, renowned for their fertile land and favorable climate, ensuring the finest quality teas for our customers

Premium class tea

Tea from Kenya

Kenya is known as one of the leading tea growing countries in the world and pro- duces high quality tea. Customers appreciate the taste and aroma of Kenyan tea. It is often described as strong, refreshing and full-bodied. The tea often hasa bright color and a vibrant aroma that can range from fruity and floral notes to malty nuances.

The quality of Kenyan tea is often praised. This is due to several factors, including the favorable climate and soil conditions in the growing areas, careful processing and strict quality control throughout the manufacturing process.

In addition, Kenya is recognized for its commitment to sustainable tea cultivation and social responsibility. Many Kenyan tea estates follow environmentally friendly farming practices and support local communities through education and health programs.

Customer experience shows that Kenyan tea is a very good choice for tea lovers who want to enjoy high-quality and flavorful tea.

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