Crude Oil and Products

As a leading player in the energy industry, Tenerco is dedicated to applying the knowledge and infrastructure to effectively and sustainably manage the worlds energy and natural resources.

The oils and products we offer

Oil Types

Thanks to our global network, we can offer our customers availability for a wide range of oil types. We supply international corporations, energy companies, airlines, transportation companies and many other customers from various industries.


Crude Oil

The lifeblood of the global economy, providing the raw material for a wide range of products.


Jet Fuel

A specialized type of fuel optimized for the demanding requirements of aviation applications.



A powerful and efficient fuel, driving commercial transportation and heavy machinery across the globe.


Petroleum Coke

A valuable byproduct of the petroleum refining process, often used as an energy source or in the production of steel and aluminum.


Heavy Oil

A powerful and efficient fuel that powers commercial vehicles and heavy equipment around the world.


Bonny Light Crude

Known for its low sulfur content and high yield of desirable products such as gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel.

Unrivaled Expertise in Global Energy

Our Solutions

From sourcing to delivery, we are with you every step of the way. We navigate the complex world of energy with expertise and agility. With foresight, we anticipate market trends to keep you ahead.


We source directly from producers and facilitate timely deliveries to refineries, corporations and distributors across the globe. Trading is at the heart of Tenerco, enabling us to efficiently and responsibly manage the global flow of energy on a daily basis.


Our expertise also extends to the shipping sector, allowing us to carry out deliveries all over the world in a smooth and timely manner. Regardless of the complexity or distance of a transport, with our knowledge and experience we will always find feasible solutions and infrastructures.


What sets us apart is our global network, which we use primarily to broker business for our clients. With long-standing partnerships and extensive industry knowledge, we connect companies with the right suppliers and open new markets for them. 


At Tenerco, we offer expert consulting services in oil and oil products. Our veteran consultants provide bespoke solutions to navigate the oil market complexities, mitigate risks, and seize opportunities. Through collaborative approach, we align our strategies with clients’ goals, facilitating informed decisions for operational efficiency, market expansion, or improved sustainability.

Trust Tenerco to drive your oil-sector ambitions.

Business Solutions


At Tenerco, we make strategic investments that promote efficiency and sustainability. Our financial commitments are directed towards ensuring we can always deliver the highest quality products to our customers. As we invest, we remain focused on the future – leveraging technology and innovation to stay ahead in the energy industry.

Network Expansion

In our pursuit to provide unmatched services, Tenerco is dedicated to expanding its global network. Through strategic alliances and partnerships, we are continually growing our reach. This expansion not only ensures the availability of our offerings, but it also bolsters our competitiveness in global markets, thereby facilitating our customers’ access to new opportunities.