Tenerco e.U.,
Seeschanze 2a,
6900 Lochau, Austria

Phone: +43 664 51 666 59

Managing Director: Alexander Jaeger
Company Headquarters: Lochau
Company Register Court: District Court Feldkirch

Legal Form: Registered Company
Company Registration Number: FN 614311 z
Tenerco e.U. is a member of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce

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Content & Service Offerings

At Tenerco, we diligently present information, aiming for utmost accuracy and comprehensiveness. However, despite our best efforts, we sometimes fall short in ensuring its timeliness or precision. While users may find our content to be valuable, claims against any inaccuracies are typically invalid. That said, exceptions do occur, especially in situations where Tenerco’s deliberate misconduct or gross negligence is evident.

Furthermore, our services and offers come with no binding commitments. Moreover, Tenerco reserves the right to amend, withdraw, or even temporarily suspend our online publications without prior notice.

References, Links & Third-party Content

Often, our platform includes links or references to external sites. In situations involving these external contents, our liability is limited. Specifically, it only arises if we were previously aware of any illicit nature and had feasible means to prevent their display. Initially, during our diligent linking process, we found no illegal content. However, ongoing monitoring of these external domains isn’t feasible, so subsequent changes are beyond our purview.

It’s crucial to note that this policy isn’t merely for direct links; it encompasses all references on our site and any external contributions in forums or mailing lists Tenerco oversees. Therefore, for misleading or illicit content, the onus lies with the content’s originator, not with Tenerco.

Copyrights, Trademarks & Intellectual Property

With a focus on upholding intellectual property rights, Tenerco remains vigilant. Whether dealing with our original creations or licensed materials, we ensure each right is honored. Additionally, any third-party trademarks appearing on our platform adhere to their rightful protections. So, their mention on our site shouldn’t be misconstrued as free from third-party rights.

Above all, content crafted by Tenerco is our treasured asset. Consequently, unauthorized distribution or replication, regardless of medium, is strictly prohibited without our explicit consent.

Data Protection & User Privacy

Occasionally, our platform may encourage users to share personal or business data. Importantly, sharing remains at the user’s discretion. Furthermore, users maintaining their privacy or choosing to share anonymized versions still enjoy unhindered access to most of our offerings.

Disclaimer’s Applicability

Lastly, this disclaimer, serving as an anchor, is closely tied to our online offerings. Even if some segments might evolve or become redundant, our core values and the primary intent of the content persist.

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