Connecting Global Resources

Meeting Future Demand in a Sustainable Way

Committed to sustainability, we implement practices that prioritize the well-being of our environment


Projects per year.


Trusted by over 80 partners in 28 countries.

We mark our presence in the global commodity trading landscape


Meeting Global Demands: Our Spectrum Of Supply


Alternative Fuels

Reducing CO2 emissions for a cleaner future, we supply alternative fuels like Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF).



We market a diverse portfolio of metals featuring aluminium, copper, nickel, zinc and ferroalloys.



We deal in a variety of coal types, catering to both energy generation and metallurgical processes.



We trade in essential agricultural commodities, ensuring reliable global distribution and consumer access.



We globally trade and market key energy commodities like oil, gas and coal, fostering partnerships worldwide.


Complete Solutions

We offer full-service solutions in logistics, consulting, and recycling for efficient, sustainable operations.

Partner at Your Side

What sets Tenerco apart from other companies is the combination of traditional business practices and the fresh approach of the new Generation. 

Founder and leadership:

Tenerco’s strength lies in its leadership. Our founder and CEO comes from a family active in the commodity industry since the 1990s. This heritage equips Tenerco with an extreme depth of experience and a clear understanding of the commodity market and the wider business world.

Corporate culture: At Tenerco, we value a transparent, global, and dynamic corporate culture. While we maintain structured leadership, we also emphasize collaborative teamwork and offer our employees flexibility to balance their professional and personal commitments. Our aim is for our team to thrive in an environment conducive to growth. At Tenerco, when our employees succeed, the company succeeds.

what we do

Every Day we Distribute Energy Around the World

Every day, we trade oil and petroleum products around the world. We source directly from producers and facilitate timely deliveries to refineries, corporations and distributors across the globe. Trading is at the heart of Tenerco, enabling us to efficiently and responsibly manage the global flow of energy on a daily basis.

Our expertise also extends to the shipping sector, allowing us to carry out deliveries all over the world in a smooth and timely manner. Regardless of the complexity or distance of a transport, with our knowledge and experience we will always find feasible solutions and infrastructures.

What sets us apart is our global network, which we use primarily to broker business for our clients. With long-standing partnerships and extensive industry knowledge, we connect companies with the right suppliers and open new markets for them. Our goal is to facilitate our clients’ access to world-class resources and business opportunities. We help our clients maximize their growth opportunities on a global scale.


Connecting Global Resources

At Tenerco, we are passionate about powering the world and driving progress. Our product portfolio spans a vast range of commodities and energy sources, reflecting the diverse needs of global partners. From traditional fuels to renewable energies, and from agricultural products to precious metals, we cover a broad spectrum of commodities to meet varying industry requirements.

In our pursuit of a more sustainable future, we continually evolve our offerings, placing a growing emphasis on renewable energies and sustainable commodities. Explore our range of commodities and energy sources and find out how Tenerco can be your trusted commodity trading partner.



Alternative Fuels