About Tenerco

Our unwavering commitment is to maintain our position as leaders in the global energy markets, actively engaging in the ongoing energy transition. 


Welcome to Tenerco

Tenerco is a global operating company. We are specialized in the trading and distribution of commodities and energy. Our main focus is not only on trading but also on establishing and maintaining an extensive global network that enables us to establish first-class connections between entities. Transparency, reliability, and seamless business practices form the cornerstones of our success.

Together, we deliver customized solutions

Our team is composed of esteemed experts with deep-rooted knowledge and extensive experience in the commodities and energy sector. Together, we deliver customized solutions to our clients, helping them navigate the most complex procurement challenges. We guarantee a seamless flow of goods while unlocking access to exclusive markets and renowned suppliers.


Shaping Sustainable Future

As innovators, we are deeply committed to shaping a sustainable future. We spearhead initiatives in renewable energies, alternative fuels, and sustainable waste management projects in cooperation with major cities worldwide. Our focus on increasing recycling rates and promoting environmentally conscious practices underlines our commitment to a greener world.

At Tenerco, we pride ourselves on being a trusted problem solver and long-term partner for our clients, consistently delivering excellent service to help them achieve their ambitious business goals. As we continually strive to expand our global footprint and success, we live by our ethos – “We connect global resources.”


Our Commitment

Our corporate responsibility extends to societal engagement, actively contributing to the economic and social development of the communities we operate in. Our mission is to balance business growth with sustainability, setting the stage for a prosperous and environmentally responsible future.