In addition to our energy-related products, we also offer a wide range of raw materials. These include metals such as aluminum, copper, nickel and vanadium, which are used in various industries.

Energy Solutions

Our Metals

We specialize in the trade of high-quality aluminium products. Our offerings span from primary aluminium to aluminium profiles, sheets, billets, slabs, and aluminium wire. Prioritizing sustainability, we aim to meet our customer needs while simultaneously protecting the environment. By focusing on renewable energy sources, we not only decrease our reliance on fossil fuels but also reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This commitment to eco-friendly practices allows us to provide our customers with aluminium products that adhere to the most stringent quality standards.
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Primary Aluminium, Cooper, Nickel and Vanadium

Discover our impressive range of primary aluminium, which forms the basis for many industrial applications. Whether you need aluminium profiles for construction, sheets for cladding or billets and slabs for special projects, you will find the right solutions with us. In addition, we offer aluminium wire, which is widely used in various industries, such as electrical engineering.

Our aluminium products are not only characterised by their first-class quality, but also by their sustainability. With our commitment to renewable energy sources and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, we are actively working for a better future.

Discover our wide range of aluminium products today and learn how we help make a positive contribution to the environment through our sustainable production.

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Copper Cathodes

Our copper cathodes are characterised by their first-class quality and serve as a basic product for copper production as well as a starting material for the further processing of copper products. We supply them to our valued customers with a minimum copper content of 99.99%. Our high-quality copper cathodes guarantee a reliable and consistent supply of premium copper. Our focus is to provide products that meet the highest industry standards. The copper cathodes are of outstanding purity and enable smooth further processing into various copper products.

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Nickel Products

We are your trusted supplier of nickel in a variety of shapes, sizes, alloys and hardness grades. Our wide range of nickel products allows our customers to select the properties they need for their specific industrial and commercial applications. As experts in the marketplace, we continually work to provide our customers with a wide selection of supply alternatives for every industrial application. Whether you need nickel alloys for the aerospace industry, high quality nickel sheet for electrical applications or other specific nickel products, we have the solutions to meet your needs. 

Trust in the quality of our nickel products and our many years of experience in the industry. We strive to always provide you with first-class products and build a reliable partnership that meets your needs and requirements.