Our Culture

Tenerco is more than a global commodity trading company.

Welcome to Tenerco

It’s a thriving hub where tradition meets innovation. Our culture drives everything we do, blending the wisdom of experience with the fresh perspectives of the new Generation.

We foster a dynamic and agile work environment, combining traditional practices with innovative ideas. Our culture values innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship. Each team member is encouraged to contribute using their unique skills, expertise, and ideas.

Transparency and open communication are vital to us. We practice horizontal management, valuing every voice and opinion. Teamwork and cohesion are integral to our work ethos. We believe collective efforts outweigh individual brilliance.

The Perfect Fusion of Tradition and Innovation: Tenerco's Culture of Collaborative Empowerment

Our corporate culture extends beyond the confines of our offices. We perceive our profession as more than a job—it’s a fervor, a calling—and every individual within our organization contributes passionately to our day-to-day operations.



Exemplifying Integrity and Excellence: Tenerco's Ethical Culture of Innovation and Accountability

We do not compromise on integrity, honesty, and accountability. We staunchly abide by ethical standards and maintain responsibility towards our clients, partners, and personnel.

Our culture shapes our identity as Tenerco – a dynamic, innovative, and safe work environment that concurrently remains reliable, ethical, and committed to the pursuit of excellence.