At Tenerco, we are actively engaged in projects that not only contribute to the world’s energy mix but also shape the future of sustainable development. 

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Our portfolio spans across various areas of renewable energy and sustainable waste management, in respect of our commitment to a greener and cleaner planet.

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Solid Waste Management Projects

One of our key initiatives is transforming waste into values. We are partnering with major cities worldwide to develop and implement solid waste management projects that aim to significantly increase recycling rates, targeting an ambitious goal of above 50%. Through these initiatives, we sort marketable commodities and produce alternative fuels like Solid Recovered Fuels (SRF), Residue Derived Fuels (RDF), and Tire Derived Fuels (TDF). This approach not only promotes environmental sustainability but also fosters a circular economy where waste is a valuable resource.

Solid Recovered Fuels
Residue Derived Fuels
Tire Derived Fuels
Tenerco's Sustainable Projects: Transforming Urban Waste into Valuable Resources

Biowaste Upcycling

At the forefront of our waste-to-resource initiatives is our specialized approach to biowaste. We don’t merely recycle; we upcycle. Harnessing biowaste, we create a concentrated solution that serves as a potent booster for biogas plants. This innovative procedure amplifies biogas production, ensuring cities benefit from maximized energy yields.

Unmatched Sorting Solutions for Precise and Efficient Recycling

State-of-the-Art Sorting Facilities

Partnering with the world’s leading sorting machine developers and technicians, we bring unparalleled sorting solutions to urban regions. Our projects encompass the latest, most reliable sorting lines, ensuring waste is categorized with precision and efficiency. This advanced sorting process breaks down waste into distinct fractions: paper, plastic, glass, metals, bio, and residual waste.

effective waste separation

Community Sorting System

Recycling starts at the source. Our unique system encourages communities to actively participate in waste segregation. By implementing our specialized sorting system, we guide residents to categorize waste into separate fractions right from their homes. This grassroots approach significantly enhances recycling rates, reduces contamination, and supports the main sorting facility’s efficiency.

Turning Trash into Treasure

Waste as a Commodity

With our refined sorting and processing techniques, we transform raw waste into marketable fractions. Viewing waste as a commodity, we unlock additional revenue streams for cities and municipalities. Each sorted fraction, be it paper, plastic, or metal, is positioned for trade, fostering a sustainable economic model.


Designing Waste Collection Infrastructure

Every city has its unique challenges. At Tenerco, we recognize this and tailor our approach accordingly. Our team crafts bespoke waste collection infrastructures for each municipality, ensuring the efficient and streamlined gathering of waste materials.

Tenerco – Your Comprehensive End-to-End Solution Partner

All-In-One Solution Provider

We aren’t mere consultants. Tenerco stands as an all-encompassing solution provider. From devising pioneering waste management strategies to overseeing and running them, our commitment is end-to-end. Together with cities and communities, we redefine waste, viewing every discarded item not as an endpoint but as the beginning of a new, sustainable journey.

Biowaste Upcycling

Hydrogen Energy Projects

Solar and Wind Energy Projects

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